Full face 2 colour el-wire “The Purge” mask

Full face 2 colour el-wire

Make a statement in this twin colour full face mask. Modelled on the mask from the film "The Purge"


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With a jauntily designed by a knowing, glowing look, this EL Wire Mask is sure to have people inquiring after your edgy, modern style. Celebrate the potential for new beginnings! 

We takes that style and prints its signature boldly on every fun-loving spirit that chooses the best light up apparel line! Only the best and brightest EL Wires are used in this endeavor. 2 AA batteries power the Neon EL Wire Mask, utilizing a convenient, clip-anywhere battery pack, easier than ever to: Light up.

  • Supports multiple effects: steady light/ fast flash/ slow flash/ off functions
  • Eye-catching, avant-garde design
  • 2 AA Battery used for hours of entertainment
  • Battery pack clips anywhere, conveniently!
  • Available in multiple colours

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