Raverscape - Merchandising Revolutionising Accessorising The Dance Scene

We pride ourselves on the services we provide to the Festival and dance music events industry across the UK.
Merchandise, key rings, photography, face painting/glitter, promo and more.
Our portfolio of events covered include the likes of Reminisce Festival, Moovin Festival, Parked Out, Fear Fest, BTID, S2S Festival and many many more. 


Our merchandise stalls are a sure fire way to raise revenue and add sparkle to your event. LED sunglasses, masks, glowsticks, flower headbands, sound activated led masks, woofer horns, whistles... Nothing gets the party like crowd interaction and we provide that element. All the latest party and festival essentials brought to your event. You name it, the Raverscape stall will stock it.


We have years of experience in event hosting, management and promotion. We have a portfolio of our own events including the Raverscape UV Party, Destination club nights and Indian Summer Festival. A successful event needs ticket sales. Our extensive social network includes our reach to 10's of thousands on Facebook, as well as instagram, twitter and snapchat. With Raverscape onboard you will enjoy access to all our resources.


Capturing your event is what creates the lasting memory which draws your customer back for more. Its not just about an online photo. We can leave them with a constant reminder on their person or in their home in the form of a keyring or a fridge magnet. Coupled with our formidable reach online, our albums generate huge amounts of traffic, linking party goers from across the country with your event.

Some of our past festivals

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